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The George Washington University (GW) Nanofabrication and Imaging Center (GWNIC) offers its equipment and services to the GW community and external users.

Training & Consultation

Training & Consultation

GWNIC provides training on operation of equipment, and can furnish customized training and advice on achieving the highest quality sample preparation, data acquisition, analysis and interpretation. Consultation with GWNIC staff is required prior to using the facilities.

Usage Fees

Usage Fees

Fees for use of equipment and services have been established in accordance with GW’s policy on Interdepartmental Service Centers and Recharge Centers and with consultation and approval by the GW Office of the Comptroller. The fees are established to be competitive with similar resources.

Imaging Equipment, Training and Support


Rates (per hour)

Confocal Microscopy

up to $96.00*

Zeiss Spinning Disk Confocal

up to $126.00*

Talos F200X TEM

up to $150.00*

Scanning Electron Microscope

up to $105.00*

Leica TCS SP8 Multiphoto

up to $150.00*

DMi8 Inverted Microscope

up to $159.00*

Workstation Use

up to $90.00*

Sample Preparation & Processing

up to $570.00*


up to $90.00*

* Discounted rates are available for GW-affiliated and external not-for-profit users. Please contact GWNIC staff for more information.

Nanofabrication Equipment, Training and Support

The fee schedule for equipment in our Nanofabrication Suite is coming soon.

Laboratory Information Management System (IRIS)

Laboratory Information Management System (IRIS)

IRIS is the Laboratory Information Management System utilized by GWNIC to schedule and track use of instrumentation. The system also allows GWNIC users to make reservations for instrumentation training.

IRIS tracks the use of equipment in real time and prioritizes usage to provide full transparency in how the Center’s resources are being utilized. Instrumentation usage is tracked against specific projects and associated funding sources.

GWNIC requires all users and principal investigators to be registered within IRIS.

Registered GWNIC Users

If you are a registered user of instrumentation or trainings, please login to IRIS.

Please note: Iris is optimized to work in the Chrome browser.

New to GWNIC?

Contact to schedule a consultation with GWNIC staff. The consultation may include an assessment of the user’s requirements, arranging appropriate training and registering new users in IRIS, the Center’s Laboratory Information Management System.

Safety Policies & Procedures

Safety Policies and Procedures

GWNIC and its investigators comply with policies and procedures as outlined by the university’s Office of Lab Safety including:

GWNIC and its investigators also comply with policies and procedures as outlined by the university's Office of Health and Safety including:

Schedule Equipment

If you are a registered user of instrumentation or trainings, please log in to IRIS.

Contact Us

Contact us for more information about accessing the GWNIC facilities, fee schedules and training.