Microscopy Sample Preparation

The Imaging Suite in Ross Hall features

  • A bio-preparatory suite with a dissecting scope (Microm HM 650V) (Thermo Scientific), vibratome for live-tissue sectioning, microinjection system, and biosafety hood.
  • A chemical preparatory bench space with a chemical hood for immunolabeling and tissue processing.

The Imaging Suite in Science and Engineering Hall (SEH) features:


Leica VT1000S Automatic Vibrating Blade Microtome

Leica VT1000 S

The Leica VT1000 S Fully Automatic Vibrating Blade Microtome is designed for special applications associated with the sectioning of fresh

biological tissues. Due to its unique design, the VT1000 microtome is also the ideal instrument for sectioning of various industrial and plant materials.

  • Automode with autofeed, specimen retraction and a cutting window
  • Semi-automated and fully automated modes
  • Special blade holder design for minimal vibration and tissue damageLeica Ultracut R UltramicrotomeThe Leica Ultracut R Ultramicrotome provides ease of use for cutting resin embedded samples for microscopy

Leica EM KMR3 Glassknife Maker

Leica EM KMR3 Glassknife Maker

The Leica EM KMR3 Glassknife Maker is designed to produce consistent, perfect glass knives for microtomy from glass strips.

  • Easy to use
  • Balanced break method
  • Automatic reset of cutting wheel and scoring mechanism

Leica Ultracut R Ultramicrotome


The Leica Ultracut R Ultramicrotome provides ease of use for cutting resin embedded samples for microscopy

  • Automated thick and thin resin section cutting modes

Leica EM UC7 Ultramicrotome

Leica Ultramicrotone

The Leica EM UC7 Ultramicrotome is a fully configurable system, with a UC7 basic instrument and eucentric movement of a stereo microscope carrier. It can be used for preparation of semi and ultrathin sections, as well as the perfectly smooth surfaces required for LM, TEM, SEM, and AFM sample preparation.

  • M80 binocs are complete with 0.8x objective, 45° binotube, ergowedge and eyepieces
  • Advanced touch sensitive control unit (10.4" display), antivibration table
  • Improved visibility of knife specimen area

Electron Microscopy Sciences EMS-002 Rapid Immersion Freezer (Plunge Freezer)

Electron Microscopy Sciences Rapid Immersion Freezer

The EMS-002 Rapid Immersion Freezer is designed for special applications to rapidly freeze biological samples to preserve their native structures for microscopic examination. Ultrarapid freezing of a sample preserves the ultrastructure and antigenicity of the sample better than conventional room temperature chemical fixation.

  • Coolant used is liquid nitrogen cooled propane
  • Special design keeps the propane at the correct temperature for an extended freezing experiment
  • Automated “Drop Anvil” for fast, consistent plunge freezing
  • Freeze liquid samples on electron microscopy grids
  • Freeze tissue pieces on special freezing pins

Leica EM AFS2/EM FSP Automatic Freeze Substitution System

Leica EM AFS2/EM FSP Automatic Freeze Substitution System

The Leica EM AFS2 Automatic Freeze Substitution System performs freeze substitution and progressive lowering of temperature (PLT) techniques along with low temperature embedding and polymerization of resins.

  • Flat Embedding and Microtube Embedding System with Freeze Substitution Processor (FSP) 
  • An automated reagent handling system
  • LED chamber illumination
  • Stereomicroscope





Tousimis 931 Critical Point Dryer

Tousimis Critical Point Dryer

The Tousimis 931 Critical Point Dryer offers automated precision process control for a wide array of samples.

  • Sample holders: small tissue pieces, large tissue pieces, and 22 mm coverslips
  • Stasis software for drying gels
  • Program and save recipes


Cressington 208HR Sputter Coater

Cressington Sputter Coater

The Cressington 208HR Sputter Coater is a versatile coater for a multi-user facility. It is capable of working at various pressures, coating thicknesses and materials.

  • Rotary & tilting stage
  • MTM-20 high resolution thickness controller
  • Iridium sputter target for coating for high resolution imaging
  • High/low chamber configuration