Measurement, Characterization & Analysis

The George Washington University (GW) Nanofabrication and Imaging Center (GWNIC) provides equipment and services to aid with measurement, characterization and analysis.

Micromanipulator Probe Station

The Micromanipulator Probe Station provides a highly accurate test environment for Capacitance-Voltage (C-V) measurement with all the power and stability required by semiconductor professionals. Features include:

  • ±1.5mm repeatability and accuracy with a resolution of 0.1mm
  • User-friendly pcProbe II software
  • Thermal system provides a single chuck with a temperature range from –65 degrees C to 400 degrees C

KLA-Tencor Profilometer

The KLA-Tencor P-7 stylus profiler offers measurement repeatability for reliable measurement performance. The surface measurement system has a 150 mm scan length standard. The profiler's surface measurement system includes point-and-click operation and the productivity package to offer the easiest to use tool on the market with the features required by university, R&D, and production environments.


Four Point Probe System

The four point probe system allows a wide variety of samples to be measured from glass slides with TCOs or metal layers, to wafers and even ingots up to 250mm deep. Features include:

  • Multiheight probe stand
  • Removable X-Y microposition table

Wire Bonders

GWNIC provides access to the Kulicke & Soffa Model 4123 Manual Wedge Bonder and Kulicke & Soffa Model 4126 Ball Bonder. Features include:

  • Motorized table making available 'auto step-back' / reverse motion
  • Available in 30°/45° configurations
  • Designed for aluminum or wire
  • Control of individual bond parameters
  • Large bonding area
  • Easy operation
  • Gold = 12.7 to 76µm; aluminum = 20 to 76µm; gold ribbon = option up to 25 x 250µm; spool = 12.7mm option 50.8m
  • High Q 60kHz transducer PLL ultrasonic generator
  • Semi-auto, manual Z, stitch
  • Manual height adjustable, heated work holders

Filmetrics F20-UV

The F20-UV is a general-purpose film thickness measurement instrument that can measure films ranging from 1nm to 40um optically using a190-1100 nm light source.